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Question: With the latest revelation regarding a conservative/Christian leader’s homosexual tendencies, is the evangelical Christian community going to change the way they view/handle/talk about homosexuality?

Ted Haggard, president of the National Association of Evangelicals, denies most of what some guy (apparently a male prostitute) is saying he did (particularly the gay sex and the meth), but I don’t know. It looks to me like he did it all.

It seems to me that evangelicals do a lot of talk about how homosexuality is wrong, but not much to actually do anything constructive about it.

“Church forces out Haggard for ‘sexually immoral conduct’”CNN.com

Ted HaggardEven though discussions in evangelical circles regarding homosexuality as a pastoral issue have acknowledged that, statistically speaking, about one in every ten people in the pews may have homosexual inclinations (I think that’s the figure I’ve heard), the extent to which I’ve seen the evangelical church deal with the issue is condemnation and a defense of “traditional marriage.” In fact, Haggard himself has apparently spoken out strongly against gay marriage, etc.

And then, what to make of his involvement in White House policy? Add to that some comments from James Dobson and the head of the Family Research Council (“a Washington-based conservative policy group,” according to CNN), it all ends up giving me the impression that evangelicals (at least their leadership) have become engrossed in politics to the point of neglect of a real need in the body of Christ.

I personally would like to see the discourse move beyond a fear of what may or may not become legal, as well as a prejudice against those who are not 100% heterosexual, to a focus on the power of the Gospel. It seems to me that Jesus would care less about what the political wonks on Capitol Hill are cooking up or the White House agenda regarding gay marriage may be or what the Supreme Court’s decision on whether a Texas anti-sodomy law should be enforced is, and more about the real problems, the darkness in which all of us have existed our entire lives, and how God’s Kingdom has come to break its stranglehold on all our lives, even on the lives of mega-church pastors.

UPDATE: I must say, from what the article below says, I am heartened by the response of the congregation of New Life Church. Response to situations that have become horrible has usually been good, though. It’s dealing with the problem before it gets so bad that I’m wondering about…

“Colo. Minister Admits ‘Sexual Immorality’”Washington Post

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