‘rational apprehension of things temporal’ (EC Blog #2)

Justin Martyr

Is it important for Christians to be knowledgeable? If so, what would a knowledgeable Christian be like?

On the other hand, is it bad for Christians to have knowledge, beyond that of the Bible, church, etc.?

Either way, what’s the basis for your opinion? Can you bring any scriptures or thoughts from other thinkers to the table?

How does all this apply to you and your education that you’ve received over these last four years, and perhaps to the education you will be receiving after high school? To take it even further, what happens (as a Christian) if you don’t go to school any longer after you graduate?

If you are not a student of mine, you can view this entry for a brief explanation of what I’m doing here.

5 thoughts on “‘rational apprehension of things temporal’ (EC Blog #2)

  1. I think all of us Christians should have knowledge about the Bible. It is very important to know like verses and stuff in case there is an opportunity for us Christians to share to other non-believers and stuff. I think a knowledgeable Christian would be someone who knows like pretty much almost the whole Bible don’t really know what u mean about having more knowledge than what’s in the Bible because, the Bible is like kind of got everything we need in our lives. It’s like our survival kit. If we have a question, I am sure we can find the answer in the Bible. Its also good to know what is going on around us. For example, a terrorist, I don’t know why I’m using a terrorist I guess its the first thing that I thought of. Anyways, a terrorist needs to know very well his surroundings before he actually starts the action. He goes and explores everything around the place, then he studies it and stuff so he can know what to expect. So should we be ready for like u know, lets say the prophesies are almost being fulfilled. So like we know the bible talks about that stuff, but how are we going to know that they’re being fulfilled if we don’t read the newspaper or watch the news? Its impossible to know what an outcome will be like or could be like if we totally forget about our surroundings. So it is a good thing to have knowledge about other stuff, not just the Bible. Also when sharing to someone from like a different religion, it’s good to know what they believe in because they can like tell you this and that and you won’t know what to say, you know? So as far as that, we need to be ready to know what to expect.

  2. I think that it is definitely important for us (Christians) to be knowledge about not only our own belief system, but other religions. But you dont want to get so involved with other religions that you forget about your intentions. Instead, learn enough so that when you are faced with an arguement, you know what you’re talking about and how to deal with it. These days, a lot of Christians my age don’t really know too much about their own religion. It’s important to know where you stand when it comes to your religion. If you don’t know where you stand that makes it easier for you to be moved from Chrisitanity. I don’t see how gaining a lot of knowledge could be a bad thing. I guess you could become cocky about your knowledge.

  3. it is very important tha we have knowledge on other religions so that we may learn about all the other beliefs and not just ours. this helps us to understand all the other religions and also help us to know what to say to others when we want talk about Gog and also to help them understand our own beliefs. to me knowing other beleifs helps me to understand the importance of my faith and love for christ .standing firm in my own faith and trying to help others understand and come to believe in the word of God.

  4. Alex, the Bible is everything we need in our lives? Good thing you don’t really believe that or I don’t think you’d even be alive at this point, let alone having this discussion over the Internet…

  5. Well, I think that it’s obvious that if you are going to believe in a religion you need to be aware of what you are putting your faith and trust in! So, it is important as a believer in Christ to be aware of what he did and is going to do. An important instrument for Christians to learn about their faith is the Bible, but being a knowledgeable Christian doesn’t only mean memorizing what the Bible says word for word! Being a knowledgeable person in your faith means that you are knowledgeable in your religion as well as the things happening around you. If you are completely isolated with only facts of your belief then you become naïve to the world around you. I’m not saying that you have to be apart of things of the world, but be cautious of them. Karl Barth put this idea of being a knowledgeable Christian in even more simple terms, “Study with your Bible in one hand and your newspaper in the other.”
    I think that God gave us the ability to obtain knowledge in order to understand who he is and his creation. Not that we will ever be able to completely know God, but he wanted us to think for ourselves. I think he is pleased when you glorify him through your knowledge of the Bible or any subject. He is pleased when you set goals for higher things, like in school. He gave you the ability to learn and he wants us to use it and not just slack off! When you show interest in God’s creation you become interested in him as well. In a Christian school it’s a privilege to gain knowledge about our faith and our world around us.
    Mr. Darby is a perfect example of a knowledgeable Christian. He always has the news radio on and can always tell you what’s going on in our world at the moment. And since he has so much knowledge of the Bible he is able to apply these issues in our world to our beliefs as Christians and encourage us in our faith. It makes so much sense!

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