My Blog Is Naked!!

Now that I’ve finally posted something, all my ancient entries that had previously and so graciously occupied the empty frontspace of this site have been relegated to the oblivion of the archive!

Let’s see… what can I do to spruce things up. How ’bout some random pictures. That’ll do the trick…

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Women & Men Aren’t the Same???

I found an article, via Drudge, entitled “Men, Women More Different Than Thought.” It’s about the fact that scientists in the US are realizing more and more that men and women may require slightly different treatments for the same diseases, because there is a marked physiological difference between the two sexes.

This has seemed obvious to me, and probably to most people, what with all the talk one hears of hormones and mood swings and things like that just in casual conversation. What surprised me was (and this might just be the way the article was written) that the way scientific and medical research has been conducted has been so, dare I say it, patriarchal! This article I read was full of statements like the following: “It turns out that major illnesses like heart disease and lung cancer are influenced by gender and that perhaps treatments for women ought to be slightly different from the approach used for men.” After reading a whole article of this, I came away with the impression that medical research has mainly focused on cures in men, and then whatever worked was assumed to work with women. Is that right? If it is, then I didn’t realize how absurd the whole field of medical research was! Or was Lindsey Tanner simply exhibiting preconceptions she had about this field of research? Anyone have any knowledge about medical research and the sexes?

On a side note, I just wanted to let everyone know that I have a few things I’ve been wanting to write about, but I’ve been very busy and very exhausted! It looks like things are going to begin to settle down though, so hopefully I will have something up soon!