I feel hardly any need to find scientific proofs for miracles God does (they are miracles after all), but it is interesting when scientists or others come up with some support for events the Bible says happened.

Some Russian mathematicians feel that they have come up with an adequate explanation for the parting of the Red Sea…

Washington Times: “Study: Red Sea parting was possible”

I’m actually more interested in Naum Volzinger’s comments with which the writer of the article concluded: “I am convinced that God rules the Earth through the laws of physics.” Judging by his first name, I would guess that he is Jewish in some way (of course, not necessarily religious), but judging from his comment, I would guess we actually have a scientist who believes in God on our hands! Isn’t that interesting? I know he is not necessarily a rare case; Volzinger is just another instance of a trend of scientists not afraid to embrace their faith along with their science. I’m glad to see the old regime of extreme skepticism and dismissal of religion has begun to fade away. I think it is a positive development.

The skepticism and dismissal runs both ways, however. I hope Christians will be as mature and truth-seeking as some of these scientists are becoming.

Does God Strike Twice?

passion_jesus.jpgDirecting The Passion of the Christ must have been a truly bizarre experience for assistant director Jan Michelini, who has now been struck by lightning twice while filming the movie. The latest strike also got Jim Caviezel, who is playing Jesus in the movie.

As we all know, this movie has been controversial with some Jews and primarily Catholic scholars, even branded as dangerous by some of them. I wonder if this atmospheric disturbance is of any import?

UPDATE: The Catholic News Service has published an article quoting the pope’s personal secretary, Archbishop Stanislaw Dziwisz, saying that John Paul II never uttered those five now-famous words, “It is as it was,” in reference to Gibson’s movie. Apparently, everyone, including myself, believed co-producer Steve McEveety and assistant director Jan “Light-Me-Up” Michelini when they said the pope expressed approval with those words. Of course, Dziwisz might not have heard the pope, or he may be trying to protect the pope from future accusations of endorsing something that may be anti-Semitic. The older the pope gets, the more I am inclined to believe his attendants “intervene” in ways they could not previously… An interesting development in the ongoing Passion saga, however you slice it.

UPDATE 2: Peggy Noonan (I think I linked to her in the original posting on the pope’s comment) has an interesting article about the whole debacle. Someone is not telling the truth here…

‘Passion’ and Intrigue