Aspiring Missionary Doctor Decapitated

No, not in some heathen region of the world, right in the elevator of a hospital. In one of the freakiest of freak accidents I have ever heard of, a doctor who had been planning on bringing his skills into the mission field was decapitated by an elevator! I have never heard of anything like this happening before. This is so tragic. I also feel for the woman who was trapped in the elevator for about 15 minutes. How horrible… Why, how could this happen?

Doctor decapitated by faulty elevator at St. Joseph Hospital -Houston Chronicle

UPDATE: Okay, well, here’s another one. A guy working on a fair ride was impaled on a fence after being grabbed by his long hair by a passing roller coaster car and dropped from about 40 feet in the air. Jeez, what is going on here?

Man killed when hair is caught in fairgrounds ride -The Sun

Oh yeah

Shinji_look.jpgI forgot. I just wanted to mention that I am working on a site all about (as I am sure you know already) my most favored of all anime series, Neon Genesis Evangelion.

I’m sad and more than a little frustrated to say that in its current form, it is incompatible with almost every browser on the Mac and Windows platforms. Haha. That was kind of funny. Anyway, if you have a Mac, it seems to work in the Mozilla/Navigator browsers and (surprisingly enough) Internet Explorer. If you’re using Windows, Mozilla should work. Win IE is stupid and requires me to put a whole bunch of code before any PNG image in order to get it to display it properly. If you’re using some kind of unix, I would guess that you’re already using Mozilla, so you should be fine. Otherwise, I’m not sure what works and what doesn’t work.

Anyway, this anime series is definitely worth watching (in Japanese, not English; you’ll be doing yourself a favor, believe me). It is extremely character-driven and delves deep into social, philosophical, and theological questions and issues. Because of this deepness, there is ample material to chew on for a website.

So, check it out if you feel so inclined. There’s no material posted yet, just some preliminary navigational stuff in place. I have the main page going and the page entitled “Angst.” Otherwise, the buttons in the nav bar won’t take you anywhere.

If you’ve seen the anime and have ideas or anything, let me know. If you’re interested in the anime, there are a ton of Eva sites already (that’s why I’ve gotta make this good, and original too). One of the cooler ones is the “Evangelion Otaku Page.” I have a link to it in my links section on the left side of the main page of my blog.

My Eva site’s address is

Update: After I finished this entry, I went and visited the “Evangelion Otaku Page.” Being stupid and forgetting that the page is for Evangelion otaku (duh), I didn’t think about the fact that there wouldn’t be much for people who haven’t seen the anime. It’s really for the Eva otaku (Eva nerd fans, haha) and not for the “layperson.” Here’s a site that’s more friendly to normal people:

Guide to…Neon Genesis Evangelion

Arnie, Orchids, etc.

Well, I’ve been planning on writing a little something on Arnold Schwarzenegger and his run for governor for a little while now, but I’ve realized I don’t have much to say. What I do have to say I will get off my chest now.

At first I was glad Arnold announced he was going to run for governor. The things he has done for children are very admirable and he is a strong Republican candidate (oh yeah, I’m a Republican). But then I realized that I really liked him being a candidate because he’s someone who could really pull the votes and get Davis out of office. I’m not too thrilled with Schwarzenegger’s social views, and those are the ones I am most concerned with in a candidate.

My dad has been telling me that Tom McClintock is the best candidate and that I should vote for him, but I don’t think he has a real chance at getting elected. So I am faced with that familiar election dilemma: do I vote for the lesser of two evils that I know actually has a chance of being elected, or do I stick to my convictions and vote for the guy I really want to be in office? I suppose this is part of why some Christians don’t take part in the political system, even voting; there’s just too much compromise.

So that’s all I have to say about that. Rather than going on about Arnold, I thought I’d show you a picture of the orchids I got a couple weeks ago. They’re pretty cool. Click here if you want to see ‘em.